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Flooring Refurbishment & Repairs

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We’ve been transforming commercial spaces since 1964.

As Stadium Managers, we host a wide variety of events, each with their own unique requirements, particularly in regard to floor surfaces/layouts. From last-minute short notice of full floor carpeting of 2500 sq mtrs for a major Stage Show to the provision of a fully flexible stadium flooring and protection system, we have consistently received professional and expert support from John, Neville and the team at Arena Commercial. In particular, we appreciate the information and advice given prior to making purchases – and the subsequent knowledgeable, willing, after-sales service and support.


Stadium Manager

I trust Arena Commercial for their integrity, honesty, and longevity.

General Manager

Building Company

Arena are good, reliable guys. So if you refer them, it's not going to leave a bad name. Simplicity, reliability and fair treatment

Project Manager

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