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Gymnasium in New South Wales

St Phillips Christian College Cessnock, in New South Wales has been using the SMARTSQUARE system since 2018 coinciding with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art facility.

The primary objective was to safeguard and optimise the use of the space from the outset.


St Phillip’s Christian College (Cessnock)



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New South Wales



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With a newly established sports centre equipped with a basketball court, the school aimed to diversify the usage of the facility beyond traditional athletic activities. The challenge was to transform the basketball court into a multifunctional space suitable for events, assemblies, and theatrical performances without compromising the integrity of the flooring and while improving acoustics.



The SMARTSQUARE system was seamlessly integrated into the school’s routine, with regular use in the sports centre. The system proved highly effective in converting the basketball court into an auditorium. This transformation facilitated the hosting of a variety of events, assemblies, and theatrical productions, thereby multiplying the functional possibilities of the sports centre.



The adoption of SMARTSQUARE significantly expanded the scope of activities within the sports hall. The school not only protected the basketball court’s flooring but also created a versatile acoustically-improved space that served diverse purposes. The SMARTSQUARE system emerged as a solution that successfully met the institution’s need for a flexible and adaptable facility.

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“We would certainly recommend SMARTSQUARE to other schools that have a basketball court that they want to use for other purposes, and want to protect the floor. SMARTSQUARE has expanded the usage of the sports hall immensely.

SMARTSQUARE is working well for us, and we will be happy to recommend you to anybody who asks.

All in all, the SMARTSQUARE system is a great product which works well.”

– Business Manager

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