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Mercury Baypark Tauranga’s Premier Event Venue

Mercury Baypark stands as Tauranga’s leading venue, catering to conferences, meetings, entertainment, and exhibitions in the prime Mount Maunganui location.

In a groundbreaking move, Mercury Baypark in New Zealand has transformed its venue management approach with the integration of the SMARTSQUARE Modular Floor Protection System. This innovative system has revolutionised the venue, unlocking new levels of profitability and versatility in space leasing.

Since 2011, the SMARTSQUARE 2 m x 1 m Modular Carpet Tiles and Trolleys have provided flexibility, scalability, and reliability in venue offerings.

As the well-known entertainment hub in the Bay of Plenty, Mercury Baypark offers a diverse portfolio of venues capable of accommodating events of various types, scales, and durations, including conferences, meetings, entertainment, and exhibitions.

To achieve a turnkey solution for floor protection and venue transformation, SMARTSQUARE has been employed by Mercury Baypark’s venue facilities for over a decade.

Richard Wilson, Mercury Baypark’s Venue Operations Manager, commends SMARTSQUARE, stating, “Each week, our venue areas seamlessly transition from an indoor sports area to event spaces using SMARTSQUARE. These events, ranging from a few hours to several weeks, encompass corporate events, concerts, expos, and conferences, performing exceptionally well and meeting all requirements.”



Mercury Baypark Tauranga’s Premier Event Venue



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Mount Manganui


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Bespoke Flooring & Wall Solution

Customise the floors and walls of your space! Talk to us today about our in-house customisation capabilities – tailored surfaces to suit your project’s specifications.


Baypark required a durable floor covering system which would protect the precious sports floor, improve acoustics, be durable and easy to set-up and pack-down. Some previous methods such as roll-out carpets were troublesome to maintain and took longer to set-up and pack-down, reducing facility turnover times (when the venue is not used for events, it is used for sports).



SMARTSQUARE multi-purpose carpet tiles with the combination of custom-made SMARTCART storage trolleys have been the proven success for sports floor protection at Baypark.



In conclusion, the integration of SMARTSQUARE Modular Floor Protection System at Mercury Baypark has not only transformed venue management but has also positioned the facility as a leader in adaptability in the events industry.

The system’s efficiency in setup and packing, rapid deployment, scalability, and exceptional durability have given Mercury Baypark a competitive edge.

As a trusted solution for over a decade, SMARTSQUARE has enabled seamless transitions between sports and diverse events, showcasing Mercury Baypark’s commitment to providing a versatile and top-tier venue experience for a broad spectrum of activities.

Fit For Purpose Transformational Floor & Wall Solutions

Supply, installation, design, specification, and customisation of flooring and wall surfaces.

“We use SMARTSQUARE 2 m x 1 m Carpet Tiles and trolleys at Baypark Arena & Stadium and have since 2011.

Each week areas of our Venue convert from an indoor sports area to an events area with the use of the SMARTSQUARES.

These events, which can be as short as a few hours or as long as several weeks, include corporate events, concerts, expos and conferences.

They perform well and are fit for purpose in every respect.”

Richard Wilson,Venue Operations Manager

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