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Showroom Transformation

Company Overview:
ITI Timspec stands as a prominent name among timber suppliers in New Zealand, recognised for its reputable presence in the industry.

Business Challenge:
ITI Timspec faced the task of converting a commercial space into a modern showroom and office that aligned seamlessly with the brand image. This transformation posed a unique set of challenges, primarily revolving around the need to address flooring requirements for diverse areas within the premises.

Strategic Partnership:
In order to overcome this challenge, ITI Timspec strategically partnered with Arena Commercial to execute the comprehensive flooring project. Arena Commercial took on the responsibility of completing all flooring aspects to ensure a cohesive and brand-perfect environment.


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Scope of Work

Scope of Work

The project involved a meticulous selection of flooring materials to cater to specific needs. This encompassed the installation of specially chosen, fit-for-purpose carpet tiles to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space. Additionally, plain commercial vinyl was supplied and installed in wet areas to ensure durability and hygiene. Rigid entrance matting was strategically implemented to create a welcoming and practical entrance area.

Complexities and Solutions

Complexities and Solutions

The project presented considerable complexities, with the main challenge revolving around extensive floor preparation requirements. The flooring team had to navigate the intricacies of working within a bustling commercial environment, coordinating efforts with various other trades simultaneously.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Arena Commercial adopted a collaborative approach, working closely with the ITI Timspec team to address the unique demands of the project. Despite the intricacies and challenges, the teams collaborated seamlessly to schedule the flooring wors in between the activities of other trades. This approach ensured minimal disruption and allowed for the successful completion of the project within the specified timeframe.

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