The functionality of the tiles [SMARTSQUARE] is what makes these different to other carpets. The tiles aren’t necessarily quicker to lay but they allow you to have more staff laying them at a time. They are easy to handle compared to a massive roll of carpet and are sturdy allowing for easy laying. The cost saver is in the tape as this was a major cost with roles of carpet. Now with tiles we can easily remove or adjust each tile if dirty or has been twisted. All in all they are way better than any other carpet I have used. 

- Dan

Very pleased with the SMARTSQUARE.  We had some doubts about them, and about the trolleys damaging the floor, but we've been using them for a while now and they've been brilliant.  We can lay that floor (1000m2) roughly in 20 minutes, or neater in half an hour!  And they sit flat and dont curl up at the edges.  A mighty product! 

- Ian


The carpet tiles (SMARTSQUARE) are proving to be very successful... Definitely a big thumbs up from us

- Brad

As Stadium Managers we host a wide variety of events each with their own unique requirements , particularly in regard to floor surfaces/layouts. From last minute short notice full floor carpeting of 2500 sq mtrs for  a major Stage Show to the provision of a fully flexible stadium flooring and protection system, we have consistently received professional and expert support from John, Neville and the team at Arena Flooring. In particular we appreciate the information and advice given prior to making purchases – and the subsequent knowledgeable, willing, after sales service and support.

- Doug

Having recently used the sports floor protection tiles provided by Arena Flooring, we have found them a great
way to make the most of our multipurpose hall/gymnasium.

The board is very particular about the property and we are always looking for ways to protect and prolong the
lifespan of the schools facilities.

So when it came to using the new hall for hosting our large annual fundraising event we were very pleased to
know that by using the floor protection tiles from Arena Flooring we would definitely be protecting our floor in the
best possible way.

We were especially impressed with the durability of these tiles. Because of the numbers attending the event we
had to use tiered grandstanding to provide enough seating. The system was very heavy and there was concern
that there would be a possibility of denting or scratching the floor.
After the event we were very pleased to find that the floor was still in pristine condition despite the weight of the
scaffolding, plus the foot traffic of over 1000 people that attended.
We readily recommend this product ...

- Jeff